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February 7, 2020

Either Or

Hallo. I’ve been looking at getting a bird for a while now. Trying to decide between cockatiels and budgies. Looking for something energetic and lively that loves to be pet and cuddle. I would prefer for a bold species that can be quiet at night. I have done my research, but I do hope I could get a second opinion. Also, should I keep my bird in my room (my private area) or in my family’s gameroom, where it’s louder, but closer to the family. Keep in mind I would be socializing this and no one works from home, so it isn’t like someone could hang while I’m gone


Hi Hayden,

Either species can make a good pet as long as you get a hand fed bird. As to cuddling, it is best not to cuddle any parrot because this triggers hormones and causes issues. Only a mate is normally allowed to touch another bird on the body. So it is best to limit petting to the head. He can do fine in your room but it is important to leave the lights on during the day when you are not there. A TV or radio can also be good while you are gone.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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