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November 9, 2020

English budgies not sitting on the eggs at night

My English budgies who are over 2 years old, are not sitting on theirs 8 eggs during the night, but sit on them all day. This is their first time laying eggs. I saw them breeding many times. Now, I wonder if the eggs ( hoping they are fertile ) will still produce baby, since they have the time to get cold at night. Thank you .


Hi Claire,

Unfortunately these eggs will not be any good. They have to sit on them 24/7. Are you sure you have a male and female? I’m only asking because 8 is a lot of eggs and she either double clutched or you have two females. Two females will bond and mate as if they are a pair, as will two males. But you definitely have one female since there are eggs! Do you have the right type of nesting box? It will be large and should be attached to the outside of the cage, as high as possible. Are they on a good diet? If they only eat seeds, this is not going to provide the nutrition they need. They should have a nutritionally balanced daily diet such as pellets, leafy greens, veggies, multi grain bread and cooked eggs, with the shell washed, crushed and cooked with the eggs. Is their breeding cage in a private area? Breeding birds need privacy and should be where they do not see you other than when you feed them A night light is a good idea for breeding birds and you should not cover the cage or try to clean the cage or nest box when they are sitting on eggs. Most pairs do mess up their first clutch, so don’t be too disappointed. When they get tired of these eggs, the will abandon them or toss them out of the box. Once they stop sitting on the eggs, remove the nest box and make the pair rest for a few months and then you can try again. You need to limit them to two clutches per year, which is one more than they would have in the wild. The nest box should always be removed in between clutches. They do not need it to sleep in, only for breeding.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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