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March 22, 2022

epileptic african grey

I picked up an african grey a few years ago in the road . After a long while she became very tame and has a wonderful, gentle nature. To my absolute dismay she has started having the most horrendous seizures and I have noticed a growth above her left eye. Please assist – i dont know her age or history. i want to cry each time it happens


Hi Jayne,

There can be a lot of causes for seizures. Given she has a growth, she may have some sort of disease. There are a lot of viruses that parrots can have that they can carry for years without symptoms. Parrots can also get cancer. The only thing you can do is take her to a Vet who specializes in birds to find out what is wrong with her and hopefully have her treated. There are medications that can help with her pain and help stop seizures. Surgery is possible on many growths, especially an external growth. She is not going to get better without Veterinary care.

Take care,


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