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August 8, 2022

FDB and collars

My Pionus just recovered from a yeast and bacterial infection, and we are now working on her feather destructive behaviour. My question is, how long is too long to have her ‘collar’ on that prevents her from plucking her feathers, as they are finally starting to grow back in. I feel like she needs a break and I don’t want her to get frustrated, but worried she will start plucking immediately and we’ll cause more stress putting it back on her. We are waiting for an avian behaviourist consultation fyi.


Hi Christine,

If she is doing well with the collar, then go ahead and leave it on her until her feathers have grown back. I realize this can be some time, but some birds have worn collars for years. It is case by case. For some birds, it’s almost like a security blanket, and attempts to remove it result in immediate plucking. Her feathers need to grow back and be healthy, so she isn’t tempted to pluck them or over groom.

We will be doing a webinar series on FDB. As of now, it looks like it will begin in November. It will be Dr’s Orosz and Dahlhausen, the Vets who just wrapped up the ABV/AGN series.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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