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September 13, 2022

Feeding kakariki

Are nutri berries and seed enough to feed my kakariki do I need to include anything else to keep her healthy


Hi Wendy,

The Nutri-Berries are nutritionally balanced as a daily diet, so yes, those are fine to feed as the primary food. Your kaki really doesn’t need any additional loose seeds. Loose seeds are rarely fresh enough to retain their nutrients, and any added vitamins are lost when she removes the hulls. So basically those are empty calories and can cause her to get fat. Since Kaki’s already have the tendency to get on the heavy side, it is best not to feed her any foods that do not contribute to her nutrition. The seeds in Nutri-Berries are fresh, human grade with the hulls removed. So each seed is coated with our nutritionally balanced binder and she gets the nutrition she needs. You can also offer greens, veggies and some fruit as no more than 20% of her daily diet.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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