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November 6, 2020

Feeding Nutri-Berries

Nutriberries – can i give them this every day?


We are sorry for the delay in replying to your questions from the Webinar What Should I Feed? Nutritionally Balanced Diets are For the Birds! Presented by Kara Burns. There was a death in Kara’s family and she understandably needed some personal time.

Hi Carla,

Yes, you can. The amount however is dependent upon what else, if anything, your bird is getting and the species of your bird. They can be given to “supplement” pellets, for enrichment, or as the sole diet. I typically recommend supplementing these with a pellet diet. Also, we want to ensure your bird is eating all of each berry. If he/she picks out a few bits and does not eat the remainder, he/she will not get the full benefit of the food.

Thank you,

Kara Burns

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