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April 8, 2021


My female does not seem interested in my male, she did in the beginning and he has tried everything to try to wow her and she has not done anything. Is there anything wrong with him or her?


Hi Stephanie,

You didn’t mention the species, so I’ll give you general information. There are a lot of reasons why a pair may not bond. Some birds are simply not compatible. In the wild they choose a mate. They do not always like the mate that we choose for them. If either or both birds are too young, this can be a reason. Most captive birds mature at a young age, but they are not ready for breeding yet. A young bird will be more interested in mating than settling down to care for eggs and chicks. Your female may not be mature enough yet and isn’t interested in the male’s advances. If the birds are hand tame, some birds take longer to make the transition from pet to breeder. The female may not feel like it is safe enough to nest. A breeding pair needs a lot of privacy. Your only contact should be to feed them and to check on them occasionally. All you can do is provide a nutritionally balanced diet like pellets or our foraging foods – a loose seed mix will not provide the nutrition they need – leafy greens, chopped veggies and a safe, private area for the breeding cage. If they finally do bond and start mating, they need the appropriate size nest box attached to the outside of the cage, as high as possible, and you should start feeding an egg food daily. This can be a commercial egg food, or you can cook and egg with the shell washed, crushed and cooked with the egg. Give the pair time to bond and hopefully they will.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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