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August 17, 2021

Female budgie 2 years of age & not one egg

My female Budgie is 2 years +will be 3 the 22nd off January she has a male Budgie mate the exact same age, my female budgie’s cere turns brown from time to time, & am not breeding them but don’t understand how she’s never laid even an infertile egg, could there be something wrong?


Hi Karen,

If you aren’t trying to breed them, then it’s best that she isn’t laying eggs. While egg laying is not uncommon with captive budgies, not all of them will lay eggs. While nobody has ever done a study, most probably go their entire lives without laying eggs. In the wild, breeding season is when the days are longer, weather is warmer, food is abundant, and the birds have a safe, quiet, private place to nest. In captivity, many households meet these conditions year round, which can result in unwanted egg laying, and laying eggs too often. Generally these household have let the budgie nest in a food bowl, or the cage floor, or they have given the budgie a nest or bird hut or tent, or allow the bird to roam free in the house where it finds a cozy nesting place on a shelf or under something. To prevent egg laying, the most important thing is not to provide a place to nest. It’s very hard on a hen to form and lay eggs, so if they aren’t with a male, or they are but you don’t want them to breed, it’s best that she doesn’t. It is not an indication of any health issues. Your pair may not be bonded as a pair. Not all males and females are compatible. Maybe your household is busy, or you keep the house cool. Whatever the reason is, I wouldn’t change anything since she hasn’t laid so far. If she does lay eggs then you have to worry about making changes to keep her from laying eggs all the time. My guess is she doesn’t feel like she has a suitable nesting environment, and that’s just fine.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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