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April 2, 2020

Female cockatiel presented not properly for mating with male??

I have a pair of cocktail. Both are fully mature pair and before that time female also laid her eggs but all were remained infertile. In my case problem is that after two or three times mating cocktail female starting altogether a strange to mate her male pair and she come on the floor of cage and their mating which properly not consumed that’s why she laying only infertile eggs. At that time, both made three times properly mating on the stick, which properly fitted on their cage, but since two days again started mate on the floor instead its actual place. Now, suggest how I will come out from this problem….!!!!



Frequent mating is normal when she gets ready to lay eggs – they will mate even after she starts to lay eggs. They don’t always mate in the same place so don’t worry about where they choose to mate. If the eggs continue to be infertile it can mean one or both birds are infertile or possibly they are not incubating the eggs properly.

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