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March 6, 2023

Female finch Attacke its male finch


Today I bought a pair of finches and the breeder ensured it’s a male and a Female.
However back home they got into their cage. Had a bath and were adapting very well to their new environment. Now about 6 hours later I see the male sitting on the bottom with a small chunk of flesh bitten out of it. The feathers where laying next to the cage. He is bleeding.
They have a nesting box in there. Do they need to be separated?



I would separate them for now or she could kill him. It’s too soon after bringing them home to have a nest in the cage. If these are Gouldian finches, they do prefer a nest box. But most other finches prefer a woven nest. Let him heal, and then try them together again, but without a nest. If they continue to fight, then they probably aren’t compatible for some reason. If he is a lot younger than she is, that can be the problem. It is always best for two birds to be around the same age. But you definitely can’t put a young, immature bird with an adult bird.

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