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June 8, 2020

Female finch is attacking male finch.

I have a pair of finches. They have been together for almost a year. They have four baby finches in the nest. They were good for a few days and randomly the female started chasing the male when she sees him from inside the nest. Then after a while the male sat on the babies and female started acting normal again. How can I make this stop???



As long as they are caring for the chicks, I wouldn’t worry about the spats. This type behavior happens with some pairs. As long as the fighting is harmless, you don’t need to intervene. If feathers are being ripped out or blood is drawn, you would need to remove the male and hope the female can care for the chicks by herself. Sometimes if it gets bad, splitting them up for a an hour or so gives things a chance to settle back down and you can return the male.

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