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July 28, 2022

Female Lovebirds

I have two lovebirds and they are quite young and mated. So I have removed the eggs and got them separated. But recently I did a DNA test on them and I realised both were females. Is it possible and normal for two female love birds to mate and lay eggs? And since one of it has already lay eggs what do I do? Is it okay for it to do so in terms of health wise?


Hi Lava,

Yes, as you have found out, two same sex birds in captivity will bond as if they were a male & female, and often they will mate, and if both females, one or both may lay eggs. I would keep your females in separate cages, but they can interact outside of the cage. While laying eggs is natural, there is no reason for a bird to needlessly lay eggs. Forming and laying each egg does take a toll on the bird’s system, and she needs time to recover. In the wild, they only breed once a year. But in captivity, indoor birds have no concept of the seasonal changes, so they can end up laying eggs over and over, and in some cases a hen won’t stop laying eggs and ends up dying.

With your two females, follow the guidelines I sent you to discourage any more egg laying. Make sure they have fun toys and find ways to keep them busy so they don’t think of nesting. Foraging for food is a great way to keep pet birds busy and it is how wild parrots spend most of their day. Check out these videos for how to teach them and for foraging ideas.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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