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February 28, 2020


Hi im concerned about my parakeets i have 3 1 male and the others r supposed to b male and female but im thinking both r females they do a lot of squawking and the solid white 1 (a female i believe) coontinues to bite and make loud squawking noises any time the other 2 get near each other or certain toys and follows the male around everywhere but the 2 im not sure if male or female r too young to breed i dont know what i can do to stop the fighting any advice would be appreciated


Hi Amey,

Parakeets will squabble a lot, but as long as there is no bloodshed, then it is not serious. However, if you have the 3 in a cage together, you will have more serious problems when they become sexually mature. You will need to remove one bird eventually or  the fighting can get deadly. Once two birds decide they are a pair, the odd bird needs to be moved to another cage.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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