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June 9, 2021

Finch eggs

Hi, My zebra finches has 5 eggs in their nest but the nest is hanging on the cage and when they play, they move the cage a lot. So, today the nest fell and one of their eggs fell out so I put it back in the nest with a sock. Do you think they’ll still care for the eggs?


Hi Kaitlyn,

Birds do not care if you touch their eggs or chicks – this is a common myth but it makes no difference to them. You do need to find a way to secure the nest where it does not move around. It needs to be very stable so bend the wires or find something to keep it in place. If they are playing instead of sitting on the eggs, it doesn’t sound like they are ready to settle down and breed anyway. It’s important to only have the breeding pair in the cage – you can’t have extra birds in the cage. And they need to be at least a year old. When nesting, they should mostly sit on the eggs other than to eat and drink. There should be a lot of activity where they leave the nest. If this is going on, you might have two females or they might be young and not ready for breeding. If these eggs do not hatch, you need to take the nest away and rest them for 4-6 months. You have to do this each time they lay eggs, or hatch chicks. Otherwise they will breed too often and this is not good for their health.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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