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October 13, 2020

Finch eggs

My finch laid eggs in their food dish and I recently purchased dummy eggs and switched her eggs with them Should I put something soft in with dummy eggs like torn up paper or something?, but now only the male is sitting on them and she has not seemed interested, it’s been about 5 hours since the switch.


Hi Jeannine,

It sounds like you are not interested in breeding, and I do understand that. It’s a lot of work on your end and then you have to find homes for the chicks! So since this is in a food bowl, I wouldn’t even worry about fake eggs or making her more comfortable – definitely no nest. You actually need to do the opposite. First you might try to find some smaller cups that she can’t fit in, to replace the current dish. Finches rarely will try to nest on the cage floor like some small parrots, so if they can’t find anything to nest in up high, they give up. There are other things you can do to try to discourage egg laying. In the wild, there is a breeding season where the weather is warmer, days are longer, food is abundant and the birds can find safe nesting places. Because we provide the perfect conditions all year in captivity, some birds seem to get stuck in an endless breeding cycle. This isn’t good for the hen especially, since laying eggs is a drain on her health. Try covering the cage early each evening to limit their light to 8-10 hours per day. Rearrange perches and any toys in the cage, and replace larger bowls with small cups as I mentioned. If they don’t have toys, buy them some of the small, colorful plastic toys that are made for parakeets. Finches love swings, colors and little bells. There is a toy with 5 plastic rings hanging vertically and finches love getting in the rings. Don’t feed any rich supplements or treats like egg food or other egg products. And move the cage to other spots in the room every week or so – the busier, the better. You aren’t trying to upset them, but you want to disrupt their environment enough where they feel there are too many changes to settle down and nest. Usually these changes can reduce or stop the egg laying.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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