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November 2, 2018

Finch sounds

My little zebra finch cries every time I leave the room. I tell her that I will be back but she still cries. What can I do?


Hi Linda,

Zebra finches make a noise similar to a squeaky toy. It is not unusual for them to vocalize a lot. She may be quiet when you are around because you are interacting with her, and when you leave she may be calling for you or entertaining herself with noises. Finches are generally happier in pairs since they are not a bird you would usually handle. She might enjoy a male or female zebra finch as a companion. But do not provide a nest, even if you have two females. Birds do not need a nest except when they are laying eggs and raising chicks. If you don’t want to get her a companion, make sure she has some toys and maybe a mirror. Finches like the small plastic toys with bells and they also like swings.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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