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June 11, 2021

First Canary Egg

My female canary is 1 year old and it is her first egg she laid then she abounded. She doesn’t come towards it or bother to check on it. She is my only bird. What shall I do with the egg? She dropped it at the end of cage so I left it there for now until I know exactly what to do. I did ordered dummy eggs as I was reading somewhere that I must replace but I am seeking clarification.


Hi Lyubov,

It’s actually better that she isn’t interested in the egg. This can mean she won’t keep laying eggs. She does not need a nest since she is a single bird. Nests are only for eggs – birds do no sleep in nests in the wild. So a single bird never needs a nest, and a pair only needs a nest during breeding season. As long as she doesn’t care about the egg, you can discard it. She may lay more, but as long as she only lays 3-4 eggs, this is normal. If she won’t stop laying eggs, and won’t sit on them either, you might have to take her to a Vet for a hormone shot. You can try limiting her light to 8-10 hours by covering her cage early each evening. Have her cage in a busy place in the house, and move it to a different place once a week. This can generally get a bird to stop egg laying.

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