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August 4, 2022


Hi I’m Ruben here regarding my pet cockatiel is not trying any new fruits or vegetables. I’m just feeding her formula she’s about 8 weeks old and she only spray millet in a week 3 times . Feeding spray millet everyday is it bad for health? Please give me some tips on how to make to her to eat vegetables and fruits.


Hi Ruben,

When you are weaning a bird, you need to offer a lot of foods for the bird to explore. Yes, she will waste more than she eats, but this is the way to train them to eat well. In the morning, before you hand feed, put a variety of foods in the cage and leave the room for about an hour. If She can see or hear you, she will just beg to be hand fed. Offer her some pellets, cooked brown rice with veggies mixed in, chopped veggies, a tiny piece of millet and even some formula mix really thick so she can eat it from a dish. Repeat this each time before you hand feed. She needs to be hungry to try new foods. Spray millet is a treat only – she should not be eating it as her main diet. The best way to teach her is to keep offering the foods. Try different ways to make veggies – steamed, raw or warm frozen veggies. She will learn eventually.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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