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July 16, 2021

Food diet

Hi my cocktails has laid 4 eggs and I’ve been giving her cooked egg whites, chopped fruits like pomegranate muskmelon banana with regular spinach is this fine for my baby or is there some thing else that I can add up for a better health of my mummy cockteil


Hi Suprabha,

If this a single female bird or a pair? If this is a single female, it is best not to feed special foods because this encourages more egg laying. You need to discourage a single bird from laying eggs. If this is a breeding pair, you should cooked the entire egg, not just the egg white. There are more nutrients in the yolk and she needs this. Cook the egg, with the shell washed, crushed and cooked with the egg – scramble it all together before cooking. You can also offer dark leafy greens and chopped veggies. Offer fruit only in small amounts.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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