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January 11, 2021

Gouldian finches

my finches keep dying their poop is runny . their diet consists of kaytee fiesta canary and finch seed, premium pellets canary and finch diet, special red egg food, sun and bird treat, molting and conditioning food, bird greens, mineral grit, dried mealworms.spray millet and breeders blend.I started treating them with medpet 4-1powder. they seemed so healthy and juvenile dropped dead so started treating mom and dad with 4-1 powder 2 days later dad died. They were laying on 5 eggs Iam afraid there may be no chance for the eggs just hoping mom doesn’t die too so puzzled and frustrated can you give me any advice


Hi Lori,

I’m very sorry this is happening. When a pet bird gets sick, it is important to take him to an Avian Veterinarian as soon as possible. Over the counter remedies are not effective and can cause the bird to become worse or even die. These remedies are weak versions of antibiotics or antiparasitics and while they can make a bird seem better at first, in most cases they give the true cause of the illness a chance to get stronger and take over, causing death. Just as you would not take a medication unless you know what is wrong with you, a bird should never be given any medication without having been diagnosed by a Veterinarian and prescribed the correct medication in a therapeutic strength and dose. There is no way to know what is wrong with your birds because most illnesses produce similar symptoms. I wish we could help, but we can’t advise you since there is no way to know what is wrong with them. Your best option is to take them to a Vet who treats birds.

Take care,


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