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August 11, 2020

Grey gender

how do you tell male/female


Thank you for attending our webinar by Lisa Bono. Below is Lisa’s response:

Hi Debra,

DNA is the best way. Old school was surgical sexing. I’ve helped with some of those procedures.   Some breeders may be very good at visual determination because they do it day in and day out. The average person, like me, it would only be a guess and I have a 50% chance of getting it correct.   I’ve seen the charts of head shapes, eye shapes, grey tipped tail feathers, size, coloring and everything else, but I can tell you I have a DNA’d male who has every marker of being a female. Xray’s confirmed his maleness. 😉

I do think it is important to know the sex of your parrot. It can cut down crucial minutes in an emergency. You can immediately rule out egg binding if you have a male. Speak to your vet about doing a test next time you are visiting.

Lisa Bono

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