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August 11, 2020

Grey health

My TAG has malformed mucous membranes and I have to clear his nares everyday. Do you know other Grays with this? And if so can you tell us a bit about it?


Thank you for attending our webinar by Lisa Bono. Below is Lisa’s response:

Hi Kelcie,

I do. I have quoted Dr. Katherine Quesenberry since this is more of a medical issue and should be addressed by a vet. They can guide you of treatment and the best way to prevent plugs or infections. Dr Q. was one of my vets back in NYC..  “Birds can get infections in their nares from just about anything, such as bacteria in the environment, a vitamin A deficiency or fungus. A common cause for bacterial or fungal infections is a lack of fresh air, especially in the winter or summer when the heat or the A/C is on. The filters in both can get dirty, making it easier for fungal spores and other bacteria to get blown around and into bird nostrils.

“Most of these infections start with environmental organisms, and then the nares get secondarily infected,” Dr. Quesenberry says.

To spot an infection, watch for nasal discharge—either a thin, clear fluid or a thicker, gooier one.

Treatment: Take your feathered friend to an avian vet right away. Once there, the vet can diagnose the reason for the infection—like a vitamin A deficiency—as well as clear up the infection with antibiotics or a fungicide.

If your bird has a vitamin A deficiency, which can change the cells in the nasal passages to make your pet more susceptible to infections, your vet probably will want to go over your bird’s diet with you, Dr. Quesenberry says.”

Lisa Bono

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