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June 30, 2022


Could u give me some advice on healthy diet for budgies I give seed and bits broccoli celery but I’ve read seeds are bad thanks


Hi Wendy,

The confusion about diet comes from the seed vs pellets discussion. Seeds are not a bad food – most parrots eat some seeds in the wild, and budgies are a species of grass parakeets that do eat seeds as their main diet in the wild. However, these seeds are fresh and still packed with nutrients, and they eat greens and other foods along with the seeds. The seeds that come in loose seed mixes are generally not fresh enough to retain their natural nutrients. Any vitamins that are added are lost when the bird removes the hull, so the bird doesn’t get enough nutrition. Pellets were developed by grinding seeds and other ingredients and making a pellet, so that the nutrition is found in every bite. However, we do offer an alternative. Our foraging diets – Nutri-Berries, Avi-Cakes and Pellet-Berries – are formulated as complete diets the same as pellets, but they are not ground up. The seeds we use are high quality, human grade, with the hulls removed so that they can absorb the nutritious binder we add. So you can feed any of these diets alone or along with pellets. We also recommend offering leafy greens, veggies and some fruit. The broccoli you offer is great, and celery does have a lot of nutrients, but the celery leaves are better to offer. Try other veggies like carrots, peas, green beans, etc. I’ll give you the link to our feeding guide to give you more ideas. If you would like to try some of our products, we offer Fun Foraging Packs which include four of our most popular diets so you can try them without buying a large bag.

Parakeet Foraging Fun Pack

Bird Food Guide

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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