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December 6, 2021

Hello i have a question about my finches

My white finches are not laying egg for 2 months before it lays but now it not both male and female i have and i gave a nest also. I don’t know what i should do so please inform me



If they had been laying eggs and then stopped, then they need a break. It is best to take the nest away and give your birds a break for a few months after every clutch. Each time the chicks leave the nest, take the nest away and do not give it back for a few months. In the wild they only lay eggs once a year during breeding season. In captivity, they do not stop laying because the indoor conditions do not change. So you need to make them rest or they get overbred. It is very hard for the female to form and lay eggs, so she really needs this rest in between every clutch to rebuild her health and rest.

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