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August 22, 2022

Hi I have female canary she take off her nail now is bleeding

I have one year old female canary, she bite her nails, she take two of them off completely from her toes, now it is bleeding, I tried to stop the bleeding, each time she find it again and let it blow out again, I try to go to vet here in Albuquerque New Mexico, but I couldn’t find someone work with bird, I need help with that, thank you for your help


Hi Taif,

Something is obviously wrong with her feet. Does she have a nest with nesting material? If so, she may have some wound around her toes. Some of the nesting materials have small threads that can be dangerous. Unfortunately we can’t know what is wrong – a Vet needs to examine the bird. You can use the link below to search for one near you, and there are links to two other sites with vet searches.

Find an Avian Veterinarian

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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