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December 1, 2022

How do I regain a budgies trust?

I was trying to hand tame my two budgies, with millet in my palm and holding it near them when one slipped past me and out of the cage. He was flying around my room like crazy bumping into walls and the ceiling. I almost caught him once, but he wriggled out of my hands after biting me. Then, I used a shirt to wrap around him so he’d stay still and not writhe. I brought him back to his cage and let him go, then left him millet. He’s doing ok now, it’s been ten minutes and he’s chattering quietly with his friend. What’s the best method for taming them? I have school and work so I can do long sessions.



It sounds like he wasn’t too traumatized by his adventure. The problem with trying to work with these guys is that they have each other, so they do not have a strong desire to interact with you. It is also very hard to train a bird that can fly away from you. While they should ideally be able to fly around, it’s often best to start with clipped wings until the birds are tame and used to the surroundings. I’ll give you the link to our pages on taming and behavior, but again, you really have your work cut out for you as long as you have two birds together in the same cage.

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