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June 2, 2021

How do I tame my to parakeets

U have to parakeets i got them together I have had them for 2 mounth They fly away from me what should i do.


Hi Beth,

It is really hard to try to tame two birds, especially if they share the same cage. When you cage two birds together, they will usually form a bond, even if they are the same sex, and they are not interested in people once they have a bird as a companion. It is also hard to tame and train a bird when it can fly away from you. It’s best to have the wings trimmed until the bird is tame. It can still take months to gain their trust and be able to handle them, but they will do better if separated.  I can give you the links to our taming and training page, and our page on bird behavior. This will give you a lot of information. But if you want to make much progress with them, you should have each bird in a separate cage and for best results, have the wings trimmed.

Teaching Your Bird

Pet Bird and Parrot Behavior

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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