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July 15, 2022

How many Nutriberries tropical

Hi. I am trying to work out the cost of feeding my African grey these. If he was fed these exclusively how many a day would he need? And also how many are in a 1.36kg bag?
Kind regards


Hi Kelly,

A grey may eat anywhere from 6-12 berries each day. It depends on the bird’s individual metabolism, exercise and how much other food he eats. Waste also is a factor, but once your bird learns to eat this diet, there should not be any waste. Most birds waste food because we give them far more than they need. It’s instinctive – in the wild when food is abundant, wild parrots eat their favorite bites and drop the rest. So while learning to eat a new good, he might waste a lot, but once you are sure he is eating the berries, you limit how many you give him at a time and do not give him more until he eats what he has. If he throws any, pick it up and out back in his dish as long as it didn’t land in poop. Greys are really smart of course, so they quickly learn not to waste the food and understand they will get more when they finish what they have. With most birds, once they learn to eat the berrie without wasting too much, you can give them their day’s serving all at once and they work on it throughout the day. Nutri-Berries are also a great foraging food so you can set up foraging exercise to make him work for the food during the day.

As for cost, they cost the same as pellets, and like pellets, they are entirely consumable. The only difference is the ingredients are left whole instead of being ground into a pellet. I’m not sure how many are in a bag, but if you contact they may have that information. Nutri-Berries can be fed alone or combined with any of our diets, so you ca also offer pellets. We have learned that Greys really love the new Tropical Fruit pellets we came out with nearly two years ago.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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