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August 4, 2020

How should I give my bird water

Bit of a dumb question, but, I’m getting a bird soon, and I wanted to know how I should give them water. If it should be a small bowl or a bottle like thing that you sometimes see in hamster cages. If needed my type of bird is going to be a budgie/ parakeet


Hi Micah,

Bird cages come with food and water cups, usually the type that can be removed and replaced through a small door for each. A water cup or bowl is the best way to offer water. It needs to be washed out daily and replaced with clean water. A slimy film will form after 24 hours, so again, daily washing is recommended and if they soil the water, an extra change will be needed. I personally do not like using water bottles for birds unless it has a reservoir. I don’t recommend the lick type at all. Some say this prevents bacterial growth, but water bottles have to be changed and scrubbed daily or they can grow bacteria just as easily as an open dish. And water bottles have more places for bacteria to hide, so again, an open dish is better.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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