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May 23, 2022


The internet says mother birds must have some wet feathers so the eggs can receive water before hatching. Is getting a lovebird wet a good idea? My female lovebird wanted to take a bath, but I prevented this because I’m afraid too much water might drown the eggs. Does humidifier do all the job? My family disapproves above 40 percent humidity since it’s way too wet for them. (we are used to extremely dry climates)


Hi Lillium,

I know you are anxious and want to help, but this is one of many times where patience comes into play when breeding birds. You have to trust the parents that they know or will figure out what to do. The mother knew what she was doing when she tried to bathe – you need to let her do this. She carries the water back into the nest on her feathers and settles back down on the eggs. She may have heard pipping and knew they needed some moisture. Hopefully you have allowed her to get wet if she tried again. If not, and the eggs are too dry, the chicks will die while trying to hatch. You can try lightly misting her chest if she comes out and that may encourage her to bathe again. But mainly, try not to interfere. If you hover too much and continue to interfere, she may abandon her eggs.

Thanks for the update,


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