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June 5, 2020

I accidentally got the wrong cage for conure help

Hello I’m a teen going on to high school and I am getting my first bird, a conure to be exact and I asked for the wrong cage and didn’t notice till now. My bird is t here yet and I know my dad will not buy me a new cage. The bar spacing is a real problem and I am really afraid my bird will stick her head out and one day break her neck which is a no no I’m my book. Since I can’t take the cage back, I was trying to find a way to fix the problem. So there was a cage wall that had proper spacing for a conure that came with the cage, I had taped it up to one side of the wall but now I’m worried about the other side, the cage only came with one so what should I do since I can’t get another another cage


Hi Morgan,

I am very sorry to hear about your predicament, but trying to piece together things to make the cage work is just going to create a dangerous situation for the bird. You need to discuss this with your dad so that he understands why the cage simply will not work. Bar spacing and cage size and both very important, but the wrong bar spacing can lead to a tragic accident. I would contact the seller and explain that the cage has not been used and you really need to exchange it. The “extra wall” you found is probably the metal grate for the floor of the cage. This is important to use because in some cages the bird can get out if it isn’t installed, it keeps the bird out of his droppings and prevents nesting behavior as the bird gets older. You would have 3 more sides and the top with improper bar spacing, not to mention the fact that any size parrot would chew through tape very quickly. I hope you can exchange the cage but again, do not risk a bird’s life by trying to put it in a makeshift cage.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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