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July 20, 2022

I am in need of better diet for my budgies

Hello, I noticed your products for budgies and I thought they were really amazing but since you can’t ship them to my country I was wondering if you can help me find a replacement even if close since I have four budgies and I want them to live long, I used to feed them a very basic seed diet with little green/red pellets with 1 kind of vegetable each day, That kind was either lettuce, cucumber, and carrots 1 each day not a very good diet, But getting the vegetables started getting a bit hard since it is hard to find fresh vegetables here in Saudi Arabia, And our fridge broke too so I got them the “Versele Laga Prestige Premium Budgies” with fruits and oyster shells and VAM pellets minerals and such, I was wondering if it was a good solution since I’ve noticed they avoid the pellets like usual, but they look like they’re in good health, also I wanted to ask if I should get them “Brown’s Tropical Carnival ZOO-VITAL Parakeet” which is all pellets but has a lot of artificial colors

Please suggest anything that can help them live long and healthy


Hi Mohammad,

It’s good that you want to do the best for your birds. I know your options are limited. Of the two products you mentioned, the FM Brown’s would be better. They are a reputable, family run business much like this company. Pellets are always going to be better than a loose seed mix, even with the artificial dyes. However, Brown’s has stopped making the Zoo Vital. They do sell their Encore line in Saudi Arabia, so you might look for that when you can no longer get the Zoo-Vital.

We do not yet have a distributor in Saudi Arabia. But there are a couple of ways you might be able to get our diets. We do have a distributor in Dubai. You could ask the pet shop to contact them about getting our diets. Or you can contact them yourself, although most of the time a distributor will only sell to resellers. The distributor is

Saint Vincent Group

Umm Ramoul Area

9th Street

Warehouse #40

Dubai – UAE


Phone: +971 4 285 6628



Keep offering vegetables and leafy greens when you are able to get them. I know you are limited with what you can get and are doing the best you can with what is available.


Thank you for asking Lafeber,



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