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September 8, 2021

I can’t find any vets in my area

I live in Egypt, Cairo and I have a 3 month old cockatiel. I’m worried he’ll get sick at some point and we won’t have anywhere to take him. I scoured the internet and asked everyone I know if they know an avian vet or a vet who is experienced with birds. What do I do know.


Hi Moez,

Try checking with Veterinarians in the area. If they don’t treat birds, they probably know who will treat birds. If there are any bird breeders or pet shops that carry birds, they should have a Vet that they use. A Zoo or animal park that keeps birds should know a good avian vet. You can also see if there are any Veterinarian organizations. For example, there is an American and a European Association of Avian Vets. You may have to make phone calls instead of relying on the internet for this particular search. But any professional in the bird business should know a Vet who treats birds. Any Vet can treat a bird to some extent, such as an emergency – they can at least stabilize a bird, treat a wound or give antibiotics, but they wouldn’t have the equipment for most testing.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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