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January 8, 2019

Idk what to do….

I had a new baby parakeet named Ari 2nd (yea long story short Ari 1 had died a couple of weeks ago :,(…) and I’ve had him for at least idk.,.2 months… and he won’t ever let me take him out of his cage…. due to my previous research the male parakeet is much more laid back than the female counterpart…yet he won’t even let me touch him…any advice?


Hi Daniela,

You are correct, the male parakeets are generally easier to train. If he is young, this is also best. I’ll provide you with a link to some articles that will help you. It will take time and patience, bu if you read the advice and follow it, you should be able to train this little guy.

Caring For Your Bird

Happy New Year!


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