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July 5, 2021


I wanted to ask a last Question that can a female budgie incubate their egg in cage floor if they are not provided with a nesting box, will they be able to warm their eggs in cage floor and give rise to a healthy chick?


Hi Ayush,

I would not recommend this. Eggs or chicks usually do not do well on the cage floor. If the cage has a metal floor grate, the eggs will not hatch. If they are just on the cage tray, the hen often can’t keep them under her very well and doesn’t keep them warm enough. If she does hatch chicks on the cage floor, there is a high mortality rate. She will have a hard time containing the chicks and keeping them warm enough. Breeding is a big responsibility. It’s not something you should do unless you can set them up the right way. Budgies are not rare  – there are tons of them in bird rescues. It’s no benefit to the birds to let a pair raise chicks. It’s just instinct to them and puts a strain on the health of both parents. There is no emotional urge to have a baby like there is with humans. Your adults are better off & healthier not breeding and laying eggs.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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