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May 16, 2019

Indian ring neck parrot.

Hi, my parrot is sitting very quiet. He isnt talking. In the morning he was totally active. But nealry by 4.00 he became silent. He isnt eating much. He is eating only what he likes, like bananas and some seeds. He is just sleeping since 4.00. He doesn’t shows any interest i. anything. We dont have vets nearby. What should i do. 😢


Hi Saloni,

I am sorry about your bird. There is nothing we can do or advise you to do because this could be anything. It sounds like he is sick in some way and needs to be examined by a Vet. Sometimes you do have to travel a distance to find a vet who will help a bird. Again I wish we could help in some way but he probably needs medicine that only a  Vet can prescribe.

Take care,


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