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May 19, 2020

Is new carpet toxic to birds?

My family and I may be moving to a new house. The main floor of the house and the staircase leading to downstairs needs new carpeting, but not the finished walkout basement where my bedroom and beloved 20 year old roommate named Atticus (cockatiel) will be. Is new carpet toxic to birds and should I stay with Atticus at a friend’s house for a while, even though the new carpeting is going upstairs and I can air out the basement very well?
Thank you for your reply. 🙂


Hi Monika,

As you are aware, any type of fumes can be harmful or deadly to our pets, particularly birds due to their complicated respiratory system. I know how dear Atticus is to you, so it is good to be very cautious. If the basement shares air – such as air or heating system – with the rest of the house, then I would be concerned about the fumes. He needs to be kept away from the fumes. Ideally I would stay with a friend until you are sure the fumes are all gone. You can also discuss this with the carpet company. Open up the house as much as possible to allow the fumes to air out and dissipate. Keep in mind that anyone in the house will get used to the smell, so check it yourself before you bring Atticus into the new home. I know he is happy as long as he is with you so I don’t think an adventure at a friend’s house for a short stay will bother him.

It’s always nice to hear an update on Atticus – and you!


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