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June 2, 2021

Is paper really safe?

Hi, I was making diy bird toys out of plain lined paper and was going to use plain printer paper too. I don’t know of any chemicals in it but my dad said it might have chemicals. I wasn’t sure because people on YouTube say to use any paper.
I would appreciate the help. 😃



Hi Taymia,

Any type of plain, undyed paper is fine. You would not want to use a thermal printer paper – the type that uses heat to print rather than ink from a printer. If you have a female bird, you should be cautious about providing paper for her to shred. This can trigger nesting behavior and cause her to lay eggs. It can also trigger hormones in males, and cause territorial aggression. So if you notice your bird gets obsessed with shredding the paper and does nothing else, or carries it to a bowl or a corner of the cage, then it’s time to stop providing it.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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