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January 2, 2023

Is there any way to help my bird fly again?

I have a budgie named Sunny due to her yellow feathers. She was sick in November; we do not know what made her sick. She was not singing anymore; she was having a tough time moving around her perches and vomiting. Sunny is ok now, but I noticed that she is not able to fly. She seems to have trouble lifting her wings up when she is stretching, she tries to fly but she ends up falling.
The doctor told us that it may be arthritis, but we cannot do any sort of exam since she needs to be under anesthesia. Is there a way to help my bird to fly again? Or is this permanent?



You might want to seek a second opinion. It’s not routine to anesthetize a bird for an exam. Maybe this is the policy of that clinic. But I would encourage you to find aboard certified avian vet who would have more experience with birds. It may be that there is something internal that made her sick in the first place and is now affecting her energy. If it is arthritis, there are medications the vet can prescribe for pain and inflammation.

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