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February 7, 2020

Is there non-screamming social birds?

Hi Lafeber
I have three budgies because they don’t make a lot of noise but I would like to have a bird that interacts more with humans. However I don’t wish to have a bird that screams loud and often. I took care of an African parrot for three weeks and it was a nightmare, it would not stop screetching. Is there a bird that you can recommend?

Thank you



Hi Pablo,

All parrots can be loud when they want to be loud. It’s hard to judge a species by one you cared for because it was likely acting out because he missed his owners and his regular routine. And he missed his home if he was staying in your home. Some budgies can be very loud. Yours are happy and healthy so they chatter normally rather than screaming for something they want, or out of boredom or fear. A cockatiel is a step up from a budgie in size and a handfed bird can be a great pet. The best thing to do is research different species and make sure you get a hand tame bird. Read about behavior and training before you get another bird so that you understand why a bird might be loud or become a nuisance screamer.

These links have a lot of helpful information on behavior and different species.

Types of Birds

Caring For Your Bird

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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