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March 15, 2023

Kakariki egg eating!

Hi, my kakariki laid 5 eggs in total, she was in and out the nest box getting food. My male would feed her outside the nest. I have provided alot of calcium replacement, they get fresh green food and apples. Along with seed and egg food. Last day or so I checked the nest box and noticed she has eaten two of her eggs. She hasn’t been regularly laying not every other day I thought she was maybe finished and was in the nest more last few days. I know now she has been pecking at the eggs. Will I remove all the eggs and nest box now or leave as is. Any help would help please. Thank you


Hi Lorraine,

I’m sorry to hear she is doing this, because once they start, they rarely stop. Birds that are paired up when they are too young are more likely to develop a bad habit like this, but any bird of breeding age can become an egg eater. A bird breeder can’t get rid of this type bird quickly enough, and will often sell a pair like this as proven when they well know the birds eat their eggs. Some will do this if they feel threatened – if other birds are too close or the room they are in has too much activity. They need to be in a very private place that is quiet without other birds around, especially if they are new breeders. I would leave the box as it is, until the rest of the eggs are gone, just in case she stops and sits on them instead of eating them. Once this clutch is done, remove the box and rest the pair for at least 6 months, and let them try again. If she still eats her eggs, then sadly this is not going to be a good breeding pair, so they should not be given a nest box anymore.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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