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July 19, 2022

leaving a budgie in a not so big cage for two weeks

Hi, I have a budgie whose cage isn’t really big since i’m almost home with her everyday and her cage is always open. (she just eats, drinks, sleeps and plays in there) However now an emergency has come up so I’ll be leaving her at a good friend’s house who has looked after birds before but I was wondering if it’s alright to keep her in a cage for the 2 weeks that she’ll be there. I really don’t want any accidents to occur since my budgie is usually very cautious of everything and flies off into objects as well as walls if there is anything she hasn’t seen before or at really loud noises.


Hi Sayeh,

Yes, she should be just fine staying in the cage and it is definitely safer for her. She most likely will feel safe in her own cage and will have no desire to get out of it in a strange location anyway.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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