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September 16, 2020

Loss of feathers in cockatail

Hu to treat heavy feathers loss in cockatail i.e it is becoming bald at home as in our city we don’t have any avion vets.


Hi RK,

There are many causes of feather loss in birds. If the bird does have bald areas, then he/she is most likely plucking his own feathers. Feather plucking – also called feather destructive behavior –  can be due to being lonely, hormonal issues, skin infections, parasites, internal issues such as infections or tumors, some viruses, poor nutrition, and other causes. Many times it is both a health and emotional problem – the bird might start plucking due to a health issue and then it can become a habit. There is no medical treatment I can recommend because there is no way to know what is wrong without testing by a Vet. You can make sure the bird has plenty of attention or a companion, toys to keep him busy, and good nutrition. He is not very likely to stop on his own if he is plucking a lot. I’m sorry there isn’t something more you can do, but this is a complicated issue with birds and there is no single treatment for it.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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