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March 26, 2020

Love bird match

I had two love birds. Peach face and Dutch face. They accidentally got out. After one night outside we were able to get the Dutch face back but not the peach face. For a possible mate for the dutch. Do you think an Indian ring neck would be a good match?


Hi Chemal,

No, these birds are too different in size to put in the same cage. Your lovebird that you are calling Dutch face is actually called a Dutch Blue Peachfaced lovebird – this is a mutation of the normal Peachfaced lovebird. So the only suitable mate would be a peachfaced lovebird – either a normal or a mutation. You need to be sure it is a peachfaced lovebird mutation as other species of lovebirds will not get along with the peachfaced. If the birds were bonded, you might try putting the bird outside in a secure cage, with an open cage next to it and see if it will call and attract the other bird to return.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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