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April 14, 2021

Love bird mutations

What if black mask mauve female is crossed with white head albino male
Black mask mauve female cross with hybrid orange head green male


Hi Fahsan,

I would recommend searching for an established lovebird breeder to get some suggestions. Generally you do not want to mix species, which will result in a hybrid. There are lovebird species and then color mutations within each species. So breeding 2 color mutations of a masked lovebird, for example, is not a hybrid, you are just trying for another mutation. I don’t recommend crossing a masked lovebird with a peach faced or a Fischer’s as these would be hybrids. Because the common names of color mutations can vary by region or country, I am not clear what your current birds are. And without knowing their full background, it can be hard or not possible to predict the mutations they might produce. But a lovebird breeder who is experienced with color mutations and genetics could give you a better idea.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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