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June 26, 2020

Love bird

My love bird lays egg four times in a can I discourage them?


Hi Anindita,

If you have two birds together, it may be hard to stop the hen from laying eggs. We just hosted 2 webinars on parrots and hormones and I would recommend that you view both of them. I’ll post those links below. In captivity, we provide the ideal environment for breeding all year. But it isn’t good for parrots to lay eggs all year, and this would not happen in the wild because of the different seasons. So in order to discourage this, you can try making some changes. Ideal conditions are longer days, warmer weather, a safe place to nest and abundant food. You can start by covering the cage early in the evening, limiting their daylight hours to 8-10 per day.  If you feed fresh foods, reduce the amount you offer and only offer a couple of times a week. Move the cage to another location in the room every other week, or move the cage to a busy place in the house where people will be around a lot. You can also rearrange the perches and toys in the cage every couple of weeks. Do not give them anything to shred – no paper, bedding, cloth, etc. Do not let them have anything they can used as a nest – no boxes, tents, nests, nothing they can hide inside of or behind. If this is a pet you handle, limit any touching to head scratches. When you pet them on the body, this trigger hormones since only a boned mate will be allowed to do this.

Here are the webinar links:

Webinar: “Spring Is In the Air: How To Deal With Your Pet Bird’s Hormonal Behavior!”

Webinar: “Pet Birds & Hormonal Behavior: Part 2!”

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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