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July 26, 2022


My lovebird mating with Its toy and only the specific toy, when I take it out he’s not happy,when I put it back then he’s happy and mate again, also sleep hanging against the toy when it is time for sleeping. My other lovebird separate cages, also feed the toys, the fine together when out of their cages, very jealous when they in each others cage, that why the eat and sleep separate.


Hi Ansie,

It’s OK for a bird to do this, as long as he isn’t obsessed with the one toy. If all he does is feed and mate with it, and ignores his other toys, then it may be best to remove the toy. If he is active during the day, and mainly only sleeps with the toy at night, then it’s probably fine. You don’t want him to spend most of his daytime trying to court this toy by feeding it and mating with it. This can lead to health issues. Even if he doesn’t like it, you might have to remove it for his own good. AS for the other bird, lovebirds can be very territorial so it’s normal that they do not like it when they get in each other’s cages.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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