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September 26, 2022

Lovebird can’t walk

I found this lovebird suddenly fell on my house. It seems very tired and both of it’s leg seems to be strange. One of the leg seems to like having muscle atrophy the fingers, the front fingers is very very short and curled up, while the back seems shorter than normal. The other one of the leg seems to have it’s fingers dislocated or something. I don’t have vet in my country. Any idea how to fix it..?


Hi Lae,

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do just by a description or even with pictures. The bird would need to be seen by a Vet. Maybe the bird was an escaped pet? A hawk might have caught it and then dropped it. That would explain a spine or leg injury. All you can do is try to make him comfortable and try to fix an enclosure for him to make it easy for him to get around. A lot of people have crippled or deformed pet birds, so you might be able to find some ideas online.

Take care,


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