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January 21, 2019

lovebird care

I have 2 lovebirds only eat seed mix. can I feed them seeds after soaking with vitamin added water?is it works? can I increase their appetite as they eat very less?kindly reply soon.


Hi Ashis,

I do not recommend soaking the seeds in vitamins – the seeds have hulls on them and the vitamins are not likely to be absorbed. Also the birds probably won’t like the wet seeds. If the vitamins are absorbed, the birds might get too many – an overdose of some vitamins can lead to death.

It sounds like the food you are offering may not be fresh and the birds don’t like it. Loose seed mixes often are not very fresh and they also do not have much nutritional value. They need a nutritionally balanced diet, which can be pellets. But lovebirds do like their whole seeds. Our Nutri-Berries, Avi-Cakes and Pellet-berries are nutritionally balanced the same as pellets, but they still contain whole ingredients as well as provide foraging exercise. Please read our nutrition guide for more information.

Bird Food Guide

Thank you for Asking Lafeber,


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