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September 19, 2022

Lovebird Egg Laying Issue

My albino redeye pair laid an egg. I noticed that they are not incubating it. I thought that it’s normal and they will start incubating once female has completed laying. But I checked after 1 week and there was still only one egg & the pair not sitting on it. I shifted the egg under another pair for fostering. What are the chances that this egg will be hatched?
Also what could be the cause of not laying more eggs and not incubating it? (Note: there was a thunderstorm one day after 1st egg was laid)



This is not uncommon with a first time breeding pair. The egg actually might be good, so just wait and see if the foster pair hatches it. It is very possible that the thunderstorm made them nervous and they stopped. They need to feel like they have a safe environment to lay eggs. I would just wait and see what they do next. Since she only laid the one egg, then you can let her try again now. Normally, you should remove the nest box after each clutch and rest the pair for 6 months, whether the eggs hatch or not. Forming and laying eggs is very hard for the hen. But since it was just one egg, she should be fine trying again now. Make them feel safe  – their cage should be in a quiet, private location without a lot of people traffic. And cover any windows during this time because outside animals or weather can cause them to not breed.

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